A life of adventure starts with ONE STEP!

We thoroughly believe that everyone has a next step of faith.  Whether it's someone that is searching and wondering about faith, Jesus, the Bible or Biblical community, to those who profess Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  We want to help everyone take a bold step...that is one at a time followed by many adventures of faith.   We thoroughly believe that as you surrender yourself to take an "uncomfortable" step of faith, it will only lead to you experiencing as Jesus has said "life, and life to the fullest" in Him.  

Let us know how we can start the conversation with you. No question is a dumb question...well we guess there is one...the one you don't ask.
Let's take a step together and figure this out, where you're at, and who God is calling you to be!

If you'd rather chat in person, you are invited and welcome to come and be part of our gatherings on Sundays!
Look for anyone wearing a lanyard, a team member, a pastor, or ask for someone to join you in the "Next Step" area before or after the gathering!